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Issue #3

According to issue #2:


This is the timestamp of this article. The "Z" at the end results that the time is in UTC.
Mykhailo Komendant
all right, ill spend a couple of minutes to show for you proof. The time when I write this text is 12:55 UTC (my local time 14:55 EET)

Let's search recent articles from t-online in google; google very often check news sites to display in search actual info.
Look at screenshots:

1st screenshot is google search results. Most recent article we see is written 12 minutes ago (i made screenshot at 12:41 UTC,that means article written at 12:29 UTC).

Next look at next screenshot, time in article is 13:29, +1 hour to UTC. This is a CET timezone.Now open it in my template:

My template will display 12:29, that is correct UTC
If you dont believe on google search results, dont forget that now is 12:55, but in article that i linked time is 13:29,and if site really use UTC instead local time, that means that this article from future. Im right?
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Feb 20, 2019