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Issue #2

This is not part of the article and it's a <noscript> tag.
Deleted Account
Hm, have you confirmed that this website does not use noscript to deliver actual content? Because the <noscript> tag in this case is indeed all we have to identify this text as "rudimentary".

The problem is, <noscript> is designed to deliver content to environments that do not execute JavaScript; and IV happens to be such an environment. I feel wary about removing something just by tag name.

To me it seems it's better to leave some harmless, even if somewhat not desirable, bit of text, than to accidentally remove something that shouldn't have been removed.
Accepted by admin
Thanks for taking the time to write your thoughts on this, it's good that you are focused on making sure your IV does not remove content unnecessarily

However, unless you are able to prove that removing the <noscript> content is NOT safe (please make an appeal if you find some examples) because it will break some of the pages removing such things is necessary
Type of issue
Rudimentary content not removed
Feb 18, 2019