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Issue #1

Should be formatted as <pic> - otherwise it looks horrible as it gets stretched on mobile IV.
Giovanni M.
Thank you for giving me the opportunity to respond to this unfair issue by Gabriele.

There's no rule in the checklist or manual that requires us to do this and I think I know the reason.

The manual states that we must use <pic> for icons (i.e. small images inside the text). In fact IV engine renders icons as rich text and the images as separate blocks.

To do what is required you need to extract the image from the paragraph, turn it into a <pic> and finally wrap it into a block (for example a table).

All these operations may endanger essential content or lead to unpredictable results. In fact there is no reliable way (id, class, etc) to identify these small images except through dimensions. And what is the minimum dimension to turn them into <pic>?

Anyway, this seems to me the only exception on the whole site since I haven't found any other similar case. Furthermore the article is quite old.
Declined by admin
In this case this image can't be identified properly. Exact resolution or src will resolve the problem only for this image.

Not critical
Type of issue
IV page is missing essential content
Mar 31, 2019