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Issue #1

This article is about a poll and mentions a poll in the title. The polling widget can't be considered auxiliary in this case.
Accepted by admin
But what would you propose to do about it?

The problem is, if we don't remove an auxiliary poll and make it @unsupported, it's a valid issue; if we remove a non-auxiliary poll, it's a valid issue.

How do we distinguish between the two? Check the title or article text for "poll"? Very brittle. An article can mention some other poll. Or an article can use different wording. This can't be formalized. Such problems are solved by neural networks, without absolute precision.

I prefer to keep a poll link where possible. But in such cases we need to choose which way is better.

For such cases my reasoning is:
Such articles have both supported content and a poll. We can display the content, and if from reading it it becomes apparent to the user that there's a poll, they can visit the page to participate. If it does not become apparent, then the poll is not essential.

It's maybe not ideal, but it's as good as we can do, given IV capabilities and rules.
Accepted by admin
I do not agree that they are auxiliary here at all – that would be the if, like on some sites, they ended every article with a 'what do you think?' poll (e.g. Mashable). I've just checked several dozens of articles from that site: polls like this are relatively rare on the domain, so it would not hurt users if all such pages were left unsupported.

On the other hand, polls appear often enough to make this relevant and not a one-off case:

Sorry for having to decline your template for this. It's a very good one otherwise. Sadly, will not have a winner in the first contest.
Type of issue
IV page is missing essential content
Jul 20, 2017