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Issue #3

This is live page. Similar pages updated periodically. You can see different in title and date. In title - "April 9", but date of published is 04 Apr 2018. Article was updated in 2019 year at 9 April. Every year similar pages are updated. There are many such pages and they should not generate IV. Examples:

Also, if you open a last year link (with 2018 in url) then will happen redirect to current article, which confirms that the articles are updated.

My template detect it and no generate IV for similar pages.
It's impossible to identify. Authors just update it every day or so, changing the title and the published date. Actual link ("Tap here for live coverage") always points to the same page, no matter what day it is.

Владислав decided to check for "Live" string in the title, but it's obviously not a great idea. There are pages where his solution fails and uses "updated" date instead of "published" for normal articles.
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If this page is updated every year, not every day, it's not critical.

See the article for 10/04:
Type of issue
IV page is missing essential content
Apr 9, 2019