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Issue #2

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heello. All we can is wait for admin decision, and you say that admin gave no explanation i think its because the issue gave enough explanation, so admin can just accept or decline. But what i think is that by compare rules and original article best choice is make this page's slideshow and this page list of photos
P.S I think we say enough, so lets just wait for admin, because this competition topics can never done, better is to find significant mistakes and flaws and point them
Elian Doran
Hello, dear competitor.

Firstly, I do not judge the admin's decision to not respond to the issue, only accept it. It is up to them, although it was a quite disconcerting.

I have two requests to make:

a) Please find some more pages that require the template to treat it as a slideshow, not as images after images. If these game-like articles are too few, a dedicated representation of them would be over-engineering.

b) Are you sure that your algorithm that chooses whether to display a slideshow or a display images vertically is flawless? Did you cover all the cases? What if there still is a case in which the caption will yet overflow because the algorithm failed? I hope not, but I will have to test.
Declined by admin
Type of issue
IV page is missing essential content
Jun 11, 2017