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Issue #1

This is not a pullquote.

Pullquotes must be horizontally centered on IV page if pull quotes exist in the source. Exceptions only for complex elements inside (like lists)
Nisarg Jhaveri
The original article's markup doesn't explicitly say that this is an `aside` or `blockquote`. Additionally it is shown distinctively enough here. I don't think anything else should be required.
Accepted by admin
This text has class "pulled-full". So you can determine if it's a pull quote or not.
Nisarg Jhaveri
I agree that it can be determined. But I don't see why do we have to show it as pullquote. The class mentioned `pulled-full` is not always used for pullquote and will make some IVs invalid. For example the list at the end of the article at is not a pullquote, just styled as one along with other such examples. We should not determine if it is a pullquote by that class.

This template shows the text in question really close to how the original article shows it, with line above and below the text. None of the other templates include that. I think this issue is not a critical issue and in some way this template is even better at handling similar cases. Please have a look.
Accepted by admin
Sorry, but you should try to replicate the format. IV offers elements and tools for that, which you should have used. Putting that text as a simple paragraph is not right.
Type of issue
IV page is missing essential content
Jun 18, 2017