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Issue #1

Those are broken articles suposed to have videos in video section(, all articles in video section(related to videos only, because the section itself is broken too and adds notes not related to videos in the beggining of the section) are very broken and should not have IV, as a note stoped using the video section since octubre 2018... and how would we fix this? easy, not trying to make an IV if there are not body
But it exists on the original website in this way, and I support even these broken pages. Anyway, if there's no IV page, the user will still experience an empty page.
Accepted by admin
IV without body must not be generated
But there's nothing about it in the checklist, maybe I missed something but I really can't find, the only things I found are "2.1. Pages with dynamic content", "2.2. Pages that require significant interaction", "2.3. Pages featuring content unsupported in the IV format", "2.4. Inaccessible pages". But I am not in any of these categories, and if IV shouldn't be generated why developers didn't do this? I'm really confused, can you please clarify lack of rules in the checklist.
Declined by admin
Actually the IV without content shouldn't be generated by default. But it seems there was an issue in the IV parser. We fixed the problem, and currently the template doesn't generate IV for pages with empty body. Kindly accept our apologies. The template will be restored.
Type of issue
IV generated for non-target page
Mar 11, 2019