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Issue #2

Hi, you made a serious mistake. Сергей Сахарков is not the author of the article. His name exists in the source markup, but hidden with CSS rules.

If you check the page via Google Chrome ( you will understand, that there is the only author, Анна Квятовски, here.

Also check my template, I handle it.
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As far as I understand: this site often "uses" articles from other sources. (fully or partly - we don't know and it's not really of our interest)
But tries to give some credit to original author.

You can see them at the bottom of the article with a bunch of classes like "field field-name-field-... field-type-.... field-label-...".
Often it's "Источник:" (source is) and "фото:" (photo by), but in this case it's also "автор" (author is).

But the author of the article on this site seems to always be in <div id="author_currently">

Check any other page, for example:
Accepted by admin
I accept this issue in accordance with the page source code that determines, which author will be displayed on the page:

jQuery('.field-name-field-source').css('clear', 'both');
var aa1 = jQuery(".field-name-field-auth1 div.field-item").text();
if(aa1.length>0) {
} else {

In other words, according to the page source code, <div> with class "field-item" inside of any block with class "field-name-field-auth1", when not empty, has priority over "author_currently" contents and then block with "author_currently" identifier is removed.

- When ".field-name-field-auth1 div.field-item" contents not empty, use it as an author, remove "#author_currently"
- Otherwise use "#author_currently" contents
- According to the piece of code above, both authors should never be displayed at the same time.
Type of issue
Author added their own content
Feb 12, 2019 at 11:59 AM