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Issue #2

Thanks for asking. I thought that these pages would be considered "service area" pages so they would be optional. They aren't really articles; they are in the "inside UEFA" section and seem more like "about" pages.

I did support some of these "inside UEFA" pages because they were more modern and have the same published date attributes and structure as the modern articles. This page has an older page structure (originally published in 2013, even though it was updated in 2017).

So basically, it doesn't generate because it seemed like a service page and also was published before 2015, so I thought it was optional to add support.
Accepted by admin
This is the website service area:

/protecting-the-game/ articles are about the UEFA activity, not about the website itself.

Note that "ancient lore" rule is applied to news articles.
Documentation pages must generate IV regardless of their publishing date
Understood, I have fixed it so the pages are now supported.

I didn't have a chance to submit issues for the template that is now currently winning (Template #26), but it has the same issue as regarding changing the image URLs. The body images are "…w1.jpg" which is not in the source.

This template also does not parse the date in other languages. Note that the date is missing:
Accepted by admin
Type of issue
IV not generated for target page
Apr 2, 2019