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Issue #3

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My snippet for automatic fixing of nested elements doesn't work reliably on this domain, so I don't use it.
Because of that it's pretty much guaranteed that you'll be able find an article that trows such error (or worse - remove necessary text markup by error) till the end of contest if I try to fix manually each one.

That's works in reverse too — I can find one-offs with retarded markup (em/img even without any text inside em, really?) for you to death/end of contest.
Declined by admin
This site really has a ton of broken nested elements. As Misho mentioned, there will probably be enough sites with nested errors for the whole contest for everyone. — /em/a/img, — /strong/a/img — /h1/a/img — /h2/img

Let's agree that on this page only the most obvious nested errors should be fixed. Reference issue:

"Although supporting <img> inside <a> is possible, supporting <img> inside all kinds of headers sounds unreasonable. Not critical issue"
Type of issue
IV not generated for target page
Mar 12, 2019