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Issue #3

Guided by the rules, we must use good quality images, and your template does not use better quality images. For example, you use an image:

Although a better quality image is available:
Giovanni M.
Ehhehh. The rule starts with:

When several image resolutions are available, [...]

In this case there is only one URL available in the source, that is:

You guessed the filename of the original image by removing '-840x401'

I'm not sure if this approach can always be valid. Many things may happen out of our control:
1) The file may be too large, in fact there is no information on the size of the original image (it's not always 1265x625).
2) The original file may be unavailable. Just David reported a issue with a missing url_image that was due to a not available file.

In conclusion, I think that using the URL provided for the cover image in the source is much safer.
Accepted by admin
I agree that modified src isn't the best idea, but better image resolution is available in the source. See srcset in <noscript>:
Accepted by admin
Sorry, wrong URL. Correct one:
Type of issue
IV page is missing essential content
Feb 28, 2019