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Issue #4

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"<P dir=ltr style="MARGIN-RIGHT: 0px">Кожен п`ятий відомий політичний діяч одружений не вперше. Ющенко, Кінах, Медведчук, Суркіс, Волков, Тігіпко, Пинзеник, Плющ та інші з різних причин створили нову сім`ю...</P>"
(that's in all pages)
Accepted by admin
Other template handles link previews better.
Deleted Account
Hello, admins.
My friend send You appeal, but all text didn't fit and main part wasn't sent. We worked together(I and three Ivanov's, they are brothers) very hardly and last four days we almost doesn't sleep and eating(this contest really was very interesting).
Please restore our templates. We have only one issue with this <p>, but other template has simillar issues with preview for IV, I provide file with links where it is
You can check any link of these links and You'll see that I'm true. We have only this one issue and doesn't have others issue that has other template, that haven't been rejected — missing content(photos). We want to continue participating our templates(#27 and #24), because our templates are really good and we updated our codes and now our templates are really perfect(without this little issue that has other template(not rejected) too).
Accepted by admin
I'm sorry. Please remember that we are looking for the perfect template, not the one that has done it "better" at this time.

Unfortunately the template has this issue that is still valid and does not make it perfect.

We have reported the issue that you mention in the active template. Eventually all issues will be reviewed, we ask for your patience.
Type of issue
Rudimentary content not removed
Jun 18, 2017