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Issue #1

Dear admin.
Could You explain, why this rules:
isn't important when You check template73?
I read it and there is clear explanation:
"Mark any unsupported essential content using the @unsupported function."
That page with issue number 5 contains two unsupported elements and second didn't marked as @unsupported.
It means that In any other page this widget won't be shown and on that page too if tsn-video widget will be supported.
If it isn't important to mark any unsupported elements - just delete all mention about this function from the checklist.
If someone play poker - he/she want that the rules will the same for every player. I think You understand why. So in this contest it should be too. If someone spend a lot of time to make perfect one temlate and marks all unsupported elements he is right, who don't – must be rejected.
Declined by admin
If essential content cannot be displayed or supported in IV, then an IV should not be generated.

There are multiple ways for an IV to not be generated. Actually, the <iframe> method is better than the @unsupported method, because with <iframe>, if the widget is not supported by IV format, an IV won't generate. However, if IV format later on supports the widget, an IV would be generated automatically without requiring a template update.

In contrast, using @unsupported will always not generate IV, so it requires template update to support pages even if IV format can support such widgets in future.

Other examples include media not being downloaded for whatever reason. Note that IVs are cached, including media in IVs. So a common case is if media file is too large for caching, then an IV won't generate either.

The important thing is that generated IVs must support all essential content. If not, then do not generate an IV. As long as IV is not generated, then things should be fine.

Hopefully this clarifie
Declined by admin
Hopefully this clarifies things for you*
Type of issue
IV not generated for target page
Mar 2, 2019