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Issue #2

Author is missing
I will fix it, but after admin answer.
Every page on the site that contains author (in most cases at the end), do it different.

One: /div/span/div/span
Sec: /div/p/div/span
Thrid: /div/span
and it can go forever.

No one has id or class that pointing he contains author name and all have different style.
For each page you need to make very precision login, or it will cause problems.

For example, i check 4 articles from home page and 2 of them not handle author in F's template.

The question is - is author should be parsed in this case?

P.S. its the reason why " Ташкент - UPL.UZ." should not be deleted, its cause deleting content on other pages.

P.SS. giant thank you admin for adjust this issue writing window, so great.
Declined by admin
It is better to not set the author property for the IV at all than to often show invalid author names.

The author name is also still shown at the end of the article body.
Type of issue
IV page is missing essential content
Jun 14, 2017