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Issue #1

Site name should be “VI” — it is the name that users see on the main page of the website.
Accepted by admin
Deleted Account
Dear Arbiters,

This is going too far. I'm resubmitting my template with "VI" in site_name since you seem to insist on such useless site names. But I feel compelled to write this appeal for the users' sake.

I try to preserve usefulness of site_name. In my opinion, it should be the most recognizable name, which would help users identify the site and convey as much information about it as possible. Visual style is already gone in IV. If we just copy the letters on the stylized logo, it's not going to help anyone.

Eaxon says "IV" is waht "users see on the main page". But it's used only when it's part of another title for shortness or on the stylized logo. Otherwise the full name "Voetbal International" is used:

- in the main page <title> - visible to the user
- in the footer ("© 2019 - Voetbal International")
- in the logo's <title>

"VI" seems to be a short version rather that the canonical site name.
I'm not even using domain name here. Just words that have actual meaning instead of two letters.
Accepted by admin
I understand your arguments, however, the purpose of the checklist update was to make handling of "site_name" much clearer for everyone (including for template creators and arbiters).

Before the update, decisions on which "site_name" seemed better was far too subjective. At least with the checklist update, everyone is on the same page now.
Declined by admin
Both VI and
Voetbal International are acceptable.

Social profiles for reference:

Sorry for that decision.
Type of issue
IV page is missing essential content
Mar 26, 2019