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Issue #1

Everything here is supportable.
Pavel T.
95% of content is in a table, but there's other content excepting this table. It's too risky to transform it to a <div>. It's a source issue and not a common formatting. Similar explanation:
Accepted by admin
Pavel T.
Please, read the explanation.
I use @unsupported for <table>'s with >1 img. Table is not wrapper for all of the content, there's other content (few <p>'s). There's no reliable way to identify is it essential table or just rudimentary wrapper.

You've declined my issue in the ABSOLUTELY SAME situation, but now you accepted φ's issue:

I just want to understand your logic and maybe hear some advice like "how we should identify tables only by its content".
Accepted by admin
Nesting paragraphs (especially multiple) in <td> is weird. In this case the table is obviously misused by the article creators. I don't see any problem to identify tables with a ton of paragraphs (sometimes with images) inside the single table cell and to convert them into <div>.

It's important, because the article is recent.
Type of issue
IV not generated for target page
Apr 17, 2019