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Issue #3

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But it's a common way to represent images as tables (which often has no meaningfull marking at all) in a vietnameese sites. If we follow the Sam Chen's explanation exactly, then 90% content of those sites should be unsupported. I think if we support tables with one image, then supporting tables with two images is not a problem.
Pavel T.
I thought this way too, but his explanation was sensible. These tables has no specific classes and we can only predict in which form this countent will be presented in a current article. You sent three examples of different content-in-table layout. Yes, we can write a many rules trying to cover all of these cases by count of <tr>, <td>, inner content, anything else, but it's not reliable way to handle this pages. Anyway, there're a lot of pages without this problem, so it doesn't seem critical.
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Apr 17, 2019