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Issue #4

footer should be cleaned up, then this media Error would also disappear
It is a single broken page on the site. Look for .teaser__body_text, it has a broken paragraph inside (<p...<div><\p...<>), IV cannot process that properly. It is impossible to support all instances of this bug, if there is more.
Accepted by admin
Why? This is an HTML bug, I can support this article, but I resist, as long as this is the only broken page on the website.
Element with class "teaser__body__text" contains broken HTML code, it might happen on any other site, in any other place, and unique code is required for each of these cases. Simply removing node with broken HTML isn't helping, because it breaks THE WHOLE html layout. Browsers know how to handle it, IV parser doesn't.

When I asked what should I do with it, admins silently declined the issue, it is confusing me even more.

Declined by admin
You are correct, such errors must be properly handled by IV platform, not the template. Accepted issue by mistake. Kindly accept my apologies.
Type of issue
IV not generated for target page
Feb 10, 2019