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Issue #1

You link to a perfectly good mp4 video. Why don't you keep it inline like original?
Thank you for asking, I forgot to leave an issue on myself for this:
99% of articles on this domain contain a video at the top which is only thematically related to the article, but are not essential part of it. It has nothing to do with actual topic discussed in the article.
All videos are 1080p and in most cases over 2 minutes long. It literally would make all the IV not generate in current form. I was thinking about removing those entirely but I felt it's a neat little flavor of this site, it's part of their uniqueness, so would be a shame if I'd remove it like that. So I figured I'll just link it and try making it look as good as I can.

Otherwise we would lost 99% of articles on this site. The rest (1%) are youtube videos, which I leave as regular embeds.
Declined by admin
It's true that videos 20MB and greater will not generate IV.

However, note that JW Player is likely to be supported in the future. See here:

So the handling of this case this way is optional.
Type of issue
Author added their own content
Mar 27, 2019