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Issue #2

It seems you have chosen to strip out this particular social media link, however this is not appropriate in this case because it is part of the article - and not some form of constant promotion across the Wikileaks site.

If you are removing this, why not also (the highlighted) "un sitio web (" text too?

It is really good that you are looking out for unneeded social media links, but it does not make sense to remove this particular content because it is a link to the profile of a user who created the content being discussed in the article. Therefore, it does not fall under the "not essential to the article" rule (

See also:
Paul (@Zenexer)
There was previously an accepted issue in which someone reported the Twitter link as needing to be removed. I don't personally think it needs to be removed; I'm simply complying with your previous comments.

It does appear on multiple pages in much the same way--in fact, I don't think it was this particular page that was reported previously. Only the Twitter link had been reported.

It's worth noting that this particular website is extremely inconsistent, so this template is filled with heuristic rules. There's a LOT of guessing going on, but because they stick everything in the bodies of the articles, it's the only way.

I can remove it if you want, but keep in mind that it appears on multiple pages and an issue requesting its removal has been accepted previously.
Accepted by admin
Thank you for understanding. We will reconsider our attitude regarding this links
Accepted by admin

Thanks for your clear post, it really helped to understand your reasoning

I believe you are referring to this issue (it is regarding the same page):

The decision in that case was incorrect, sincere apologies for that. We have reverted and posted some clarification there, which I have also copied below:

- Twitter buttons and other interactive social media content should always be removed

- Social media links with no relation to the content (such as a newspaper promoting its Twitter page at the end of every article) should be removed as long as it is possible to reliably and safely do this

- Links which are clearly part of the article content but also happen to be social media links (like in this case), should not be removed

Type of issue
IV page is missing essential content
Feb 7, 2019