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Issue #1

URL is a dynamic list of content from this celebrity. [Context on this issue:] The pages under path /seleb/.* are dinamicly generated from the content posted on this website, tagging the given celebrity. The exceptions for this, are the pages /profil.html and /film.html which looks like a wiki-like page. My Template #5 was reject because it didn't supported any of these pages. I still think that is the proper solution, but I've submitted Template #9, which generates an IV for the exceptions I've listed above. Please, check the links in the navigation bar on top of these pages and the content displayed for each one:
This is not dinamic and an admin already told you that ( ), stop posting this it's like the third time.
Declined by admin
A biography page that may or not be updated in the future is fair game for IV. Dynamic pages, such as the results of a football match that are updated in real time — are not.
Type of issue
IV generated for non-target page
Jun 16, 2017