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Issue #2

@admin: You last message (on Issue #1 Template #10) really clarified the meaning of "dynamic" content for me, but I still don't believe this page is suitable for IV. This page contains a list of content related to this celebrity (much like tagged content). If this should generate, why Category, and Tag indexes aren't suitable for IV? (ie: or this last one contains the same news as listed on this celebrity page) @Tomás G.: sorry for keeping sending issues, but I really want to clarify this! I hope you understand it.
The main thing here to understand (as I see in the answers of admins) is that of course it is updated but not in real time. It means that, for instance, server will update the data in a much longer time than the real time (live post) will. Get an example here:

The post here is updated every 5 mins, not engough time to be updated in the instant view platform (for example is 1 hour) so you would be losing data/info and in these terms IV is not getting its objective.
Accepted by admin
Julio is right in this case. We apologize for the confusion -
and for the several issues that were wrongfully declined/accepted for person pages on

If this had been a wiki-like bio text, it would indeed need an IV.
If it had been a live post, it would need no IV.

But this page is neither. Its main content is a list of links to articles about the person, and Julio is correct in that it's essentially the same as a category or tag index.

We will update the checklist to set more transparent guidelines for dynamic content in future contests.
Type of issue
IV generated for non-target page
Jun 18, 2017