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Issue #3

1px image.
Danil Dunaitsev
This is present in original article. How can I check that? Remove 1x1? How about 3x4, 3x1 etc. There is can be a small image like emoji.
Also this page is already two years old.
Accepted by admin
If a template displays a 1 pixel photo as <img>, then in mobile IV, this 1 pixel photo will get resized to the full width of the display. It ends up looking like the IV has a huge blank space for no reason. It will also look like the mobile IV's photo slider will include a blank photo.

You can see this for yourself by checking this IV in a mobile Telegram app.

Generally speaking, 1 pixel photos / tracking pixels should be removed.

Also, generally speaking, low res photos / icons need to use <pic>, not <img> due to the above mentioned issues of upscaling to full display width. IV does not intend for <img> to be used for low res photos, that is what <pic> is for.

Either way, this is a valid issue.
Type of issue
Rudimentary content not removed
Mar 20, 2019