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Issue #5

Nested lists not handled properly.
Accepted by admin
Giovanni M.
Not critical in this context, I think.

1) Even if the nested items are not formatted, the meaning of the item 4 is absolutely clear in italian language (trust me I'm Italian, or use a translator).

2) This is a service page, handling this type of page is optional and I'm pretty sure nobody will never share this URL on Telegram.

3) IV engine do not handle nested list, it's not my fault. Guidelines say nothing about the need to handle nested lists. I think that 80% of the winning templates of the contest will have this issue at the end. You should report this bug to the developer team.
Accepted by admin
This website uses nested lists in regular articles as well.

See here:

And here:
Accepted by admin
To add onto the earlier comment:

In both of the above articles, corrupted IVs are generated.

While the IV format does not support nested lists, if it's not possible for a template creator to support the formatting of the nested lists, then an IV must not be generated.

It is better to not generate an IV than to show a user a corrupted IV. So this issue remains valid and we will not be able to restore this template to the contest.
Type of issue
IV page is missing essential content
Jul 18, 2017