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Issue #1

is summer
missing iv
I just wrote @debug: //p//img at the end and it output 0 nodes. As it turned out, IV transforms all //ul/*[not(self::li)] into <p>. And I would be OK with that... if it was in ..after section, so I could predict such behaviour.

Author of the article forgot to close <ul> list. Therefore, all following paragraphs fell into it, and IV post processing, excpecting <li> inside the list, got an <div> with an <img> and detached it as a <p>.

I can and will handle those issues, but I don't agree that this is a valid issue, it's just another rare case of post-processing indistinct behaviour.
Declined by admin
Since the issue is caused by the unpredictable source layout mistake, this isn't critical issue.

We would appreciate a workaround from this template in the future.
Type of issue
IV not generated for target page
Mar 5, 2019