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Issue #3

Evgeniy Solovev
Hi there!

Very small (low res) preview image but image in the article is good enough.

In Telegram it looks ugly.
Sam Chen
Hope you're not removing size info 180x180 from url naively. IV supports srcset for images, but it doesn't support it for image_url, there are three ways to get the larger one for thumbnail in this case:

1. Remove 180x180 from image url, but it's fragile, we might get broken image link in other cases
2. Implement srcset feature ourself so we always get the largest image(I did it before srcset was implemented by IV), but it doesn't make nonsense now, why would we need to implement one while IV has it?
3. IV adds support srcset for image_url so we can use it like: image_url: $body//img[1]/@srcset

Also, such case is pretty rare as I checked multiple articles.

Anyway, let's wait for admin's decision before your template get into checking.
Declined by admin
Type of issue
IV page is missing essential content
Apr 20, 2019