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Issue #1

Something wrong with IV parser of HTML as text().
In my prev issue there was recommendation to remove it.
Accepted by admin
Vasili S ๐Ÿ†š
Perhaps not the deleted code for pasting on a very old page is bad, but the author of the remark deleted it only on one page, for sending comments, on other pages it also remained: 08/01 / travel-savvy-with-skype
So he does not have a photo:
And there is no video:
Why should I win a template in which there is no photo and no video, only the code on one page has been deleted. It is not right. If you delete then you need to delete all the templates.
Accepted by admin
Thanks for the heads up. The missing photo and video are not valid issues, since they're both consistent with what the user sees when they open the page.

As for a second infographic displaying instead of the embed code, it is a valid issue.
Declined by admin
We could only locate 14 results on the skype blog that present infographics in this format, all of them from 2011.

Newer posts with infographics have a different format and seem to work well in this template (e.g. For this reason, we decided to revert our earlier decision and restore the template to the contest. We apologize for the confusion.
Type of issue
Rudimentary content not removed
Jun 19, 2017