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Issue #1

Sergei Ivanov @tgcreator
The main goal of this page - is cards with images and large text. Text in cards bigger than place in caption.

>>EXCEPTION! Slideshows must not be used:
When the article consists entirely of a slideshow and there's no other content.
When the article uses images/videos/GIFs with captions as the main medium (e.g.: travel blogs that show many photos with captions, step-by-step crafting guides, cooking recipes, etc.).

It is more better to place images with captions one by one, not slideshow.

Check my template.
I've simply followed what the rules say about the galleries.
Accepted by admin
Template #17 handles the case better.
Hello. I don't want to be polemic but I wanted you to think twice about this issue: I followed the rules literally due to the fear of my template to be rejected, I knew it would have looked better in the other way (as template #17) but it would have violated the rules. I decided to stick to the rules and I was punished for that. A tip for next time: specify that the rules are not so strict and the common sense is the real guide, I would have done many things differently. Thank you in any case, have a good day :)
Accepted by admin
That text is rather a caption to the slideshow, anyway, the main medium of the article are the photos.

In addition, the captions of the photos have links, something that is not very good to put in a slideshow.

Sorry, but the issue remains valid.
Type of issue
IV page is missing essential content
Jun 18, 2017