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Issue #1

Static guide page, should have IV
Check this issue for similar domain
This is non-target page, because this page does not exist on the original website and inaccessible for its users. Moreover, there is no such a section on the website. The part of the url you privide (helper/209) was taken from other sites of the franchise (please, refer, for ex., to the website of Simferopol:

The site from my example has a section "helper", called "Помогатор", and it is accessible from the main page.

The same section is inaccessible for users of and there is no way to get there from if you don't copy the url, replace in with and enter it to the browser

If you go to
you'll see it is empty, while is full of articles.

Moreover, it seems dangerous to generate such articles due to possible copyright infriengement (check, for ex, the last paragraph of the article: )

Checklist: IV Targets: Must NOT
Type of issue
IV not generated for target page
Feb 21, 2019