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Issue #2

Please take another look at the issue that you accepted with Template #31. ( ). I "fixed" it in this version by completely removing the cover for specific pages, but I think the previous one was more accurate.
This page is a good example that proves that all images inside the gallery are completely different from the cover image used in Template #31.
If we compare the most similar gallery image and the cover image
1) they are different 2) they have different URLs and there is no way to detect duplicates even if they were with same graphical content.

The cover image I used is placed in meta tags and it is displayed in the preview on this page (currently 4th from the bootom)

If we compare the (cover/album) images from the original issue
Remixer Dec
Noone said that here is a symbol limit and my message got cut off... But I hope that's enough to prove my point. Different image URLs, different crops, no way to detect duplicates.

Orig. issue pics:
Declined by admin
Generally, using meta for cover image is not a good idea though (and it's not even obligatory). In the case of supporting something that is optional, it must be supported well, otherwise it's better to not do it.

It's okay to not set a cover image for a page like this as well. It doesn't actually have a cover image (the slideshow itself is not a cover in this source page).
Type of issue
IV page is missing essential content
Feb 24, 2019 at 11:09 PM