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Template #1 Issue #1
May 20, 2017
No Instant View available
Declined by admin
This page must not generate an IV in accordance to 2.1 of Perfect Template Checklist:
Template #1 Issue #2
May 25, 2017
The page is without slideshow.
Accepted by admin
Template #4 Issue #1
Jun 19, 2017
missing cover
Антон Цуварев
If this is the cover why it is not in your template?
Declined by admin
Template #2 Issue #1
Nov 24, 2017
Declined by admin
Template #2 Issue #2
Jan 22, 2018
ماذا عن حقوق الموظفين
Declined by admin
Template #2 Issue #3
Feb 13, 2018
هذه المنشأت قائم عليها أسر وهل بأستطعة السعودي انشاء المباني بين عشية وضحاها!
Declined by admin