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Issue #1

You posted me an issue that I should remove the poll from the article instead of unsupporting it. But here, the poll is mentioned in the article; the selected text says: "What do you think? What Selena did can be considered treason?" The poll header is: "Did Selena Gomez betray Bella Hadid?" So, in your IV, this line hangs without the object it's referencing => content is missing.

Other example —

Pages will polls should be unsupported.

Example issues:,

P.S. Too bad we sent issues to each other too late on this domain, so we aren't able to fix. So, if admin accepts any of your issues, we would have no winner on this domain :-/
This text is not refering to poll at all. They want readers to comment. The poll has its own question.
Look at examples where pages have such questions without any poll:
Accepted by admin
It seems in this case the poll is mentioned in the article.
It's better ti unsupport it
I think it clearly seems that it is only for provoking commenting. There is no "vote below" type of reference.

I gave examples where are such questions without poll. And polls have always their separated questions.
Declined by admin
Since it's a common practice on the website to place questions at the article end, it seems this exact sentence doesn't refer to the poll.
I revert the issue because sufficient evidence that a poll may be mentioned in an article wasn't provided
Type of issue
IV generated for non-target page
May 4, 2019