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Issue #2

A non-essential poll can be removed, according to the Checklist.
Rodrigo Vieira
I can not say if this is an optional vote because the question is specific about an article subject, it is not a generic question and so it is not a vote that appears in all posts with the same question. It is not something that is used only to increase user engagement, but to hear the reader's opinion on a particular subject.

If all access is by IV, the authors of the site would lose all voting data.

Anyway, when the vote expires, and it becomes static without requiring interaction, my template generates a valid IV.
Accepted by admin
This poll and its results aren't an important content and must be removed.

The issue will be reverted, if the template's author provides a link to the article where a poll is a crucial content that can't be omitted (e.g. article dedicated to a poll or a poll is mentioned in the article text)
Rodrigo Vieira
This Issue should not be critical because it is very relative when you review all reference cases for polls in the text of the article. As I said, this is not a generic poll that appears in all articles, but specific to the current subject that is being discussed in the text of the article.
This Issue is as relative as this:
Declined by admin
Type of issue
IV not generated for target page
Mar 11, 2019