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Issue #3

Sorry for submitting this issue again, but you gave LOTS of wrong information so I decided to submit the issue again.

This text should not be placed in the subtitle. It says that آیت‌الله موحدی‌ کرمانی told the speech in the title and there is a colon in the end of it.

you said, "in some persian sites subtitle comes before title (top of title)."
Where did you get this fact? It's complete guff! It's not the subtitle, it's the text that comes before the title, and should be put before the title.

This is my template which can handle this kind of rutitr's (the text that comes over the title) correctly:
Ehsan Dehghani
in most persian sites subtitle comes before (at top) of title.
as you can see i add that section as subtitle
as checklist says :
Generally, it is advisable to avoid setting too much text as the subtitle.
you changed the title in your template and combine title and subtitle to create a new title!
it's wrong and you can not change title as your desire
you send this issue several time
stop sending spam issues and read cheklist first
Declined by admin
Duplicate issue.
Type of issue
Author added their own content
Jun 18, 2017