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Template #1 Issue #1
May 25, 2017
Non essential content
Silas Rosenkranz
i don't think, that this is an issue..
1. part of the article
2. origin of the image -> important
Declined by admin
Source links are optional:
Template #1 Issue #2
May 31, 2017
Images are too small for hdpi+ screens although bigger images are present.
Silas Rosenkranz
it's the image which is presented in the source?
Accepted by admin
IVs are fast because we cut out all the junk, leave the juicy bits, and serve them via our optimized channels from a server as close as possible to the user. There's no need to purposefully select images of a lower quality.
Template #2 Issue #1
Jun 12, 2017
I think this page should be generated, preserving the original title, maintaining the image of the current gallery page and just below generate a slideshow. See my template.
Denis Pikharov
Dunno, it can be 50 images and without thumbnails it would be tough to swipe so much
Accepted by admin
It is possible to support this page, but the images must not be put in a slideshow. See:
Template #2 Issue #2
Jun 14, 2017
YouTube video should be processed!
Accepted by admin
Template #23 Issue #1
Jun 16, 2017
Admin, this gallery page contains a main image and then all the images from first to last. Should I remove the main image so that on page 1 of the gallery the image does not appear to be duplicated with the following images?
Rodrigo Vieira
Should the pagination of images also be removed in this case? And should the title contain the paging number as in the source page?
Declined by admin
Template #25 Issue #1
Jun 17, 2017
Admin, should the main image be preserved? The pagination too?
Declined by admin
There shouldn't be duplicate images. Pagination isn't needed, if the slideshow is presented as single images (as it's done here)
Template #25 Issue #2
Jun 18, 2017
Image is doubled
Accepted by admin
Template #27 Issue #1
Jun 19, 2017
Missing image_url property
Declined by admin