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Issue #1

Extra string
From what I see, this is a special case with broken html structure on this site. Most of the time it has html structure like this:

.slide > .caption > .img_accreditation > .source[style="display:none;"]
.slide > .caption > .img_accreditation > .photographer[style="display:none;"]

And there's css rule to override inline `style="display:none;"`:

.articleBodyWrapper div[data-embed24="Images"] .caption .img_accreditation .source, .articleBodyWrapper div[data-embed24="Images"] .caption .img_accreditation .photographer {
display: inline-block !important;

We can see pages with above structure everywhere on this site, and of course `source` and `photographer` are important contents should not get removed. Since when you remove it, you might cause problem then, for example, this page has another broken structure, and those `Business Insider SAJay`s are shown
Accepted by admin
However this text should be formatted as a cite, it it's displayed
Type of issue
Rudimentary content not removed
Feb 17, 2019