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Issue #1


Are you sure that changing WordPress Embed Post widget structure by removing iframe is a good idea? Probably it'll cause the problems when IV will support this.

As in my previous version of template, user won't see the the article, just a weird link-blockquote. The best solution in my opinion is just don't touch this and leave the page unsupported.
Andrew A.
The function of this widget is just to show a link to another article on this site with an annotation. I believe, unsupporting whole pages just because we can't show an annotation right now (but probably will be able to do so when IV supports the widget) is too much. After all, just like the rules allow to show only a link to some video/audio instead of unsupporting the page, I guess it will be OK to show only a link to another article with no annotation.

> Probably it'll cause the problems when IV will support this.
I guess when IV will support this widget, it will transform <blockquote class="wp-embedded-content"> like it does with <blockquote class="twitter-tweet">, <blockquote class="instagram-media"> etc., and <iframe> will be redundant anyway. But even if I'm wrong, as I said, I believe a simple link is OK.
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IV generated for non-target page
Apr 1, 2019