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Issue #1

This block is associated with the article. The article about Tom Clancy.

What you wrote here ( ) is all nonsense. This is a static block. When you go to the link to Amazon / idealo, the updated list shows you Amazon / idealo, not What is happening on Amazon is not related to this site. Look at the links, they are static (these are all just STATIC search queries), the whole block is static.
You shouldn't to delete it.

Same case:
Anton S.
What I wrote there is completely right. I never said that Amazon/Idealo links are dynamic... learn to read and comprehend. I've said links are referrals and thus optional (not essential to the article). Moreover, I've said the widget list itself is dynamic as it has Apple iPads ranked, so when a new iPad will be reviewed and places in top 10 that list will be updated, thus it's dynamic.

This particular list is custom and can be static but there is no way to distinguish it from the other 3 lists in this article that are all dynamic. Best PS4, Best PC and Best XBOX games top 10 lists that change dynamically when new games are reviewed and place in the top 10 are all dynamic and must be removed. Still, if a reader wants to see them there is a link they can navigate.

This 'inlinebestenliste' widget with top10 list from a category is dynamic. You can see all these frequently updated lists when new products are reviewed by the link . There are best 4k tvs, best dashcams,
Type of issue
IV page is missing essential content
Apr 9, 2019 at 8:48 PM