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Issue #1

Images are too small for hdpi+ screens although bigger images are present
Since InstantView's main goal is to offer a lightweight, quick-as-possible and consistent way of looking at the web via Telegram ecosystem, I think high resolution images should be avoided. Sure, Telegram desktop users with hdpi+ screens would appreciate it, but Telegram's main target, mobile users, would prefer less data consumption, with a focus on lightweight. In this image alone, the difference in bytes is around 49%. Therefore, using the "low" resolution image will allow us to show the page with 49% less data consumption and 49% less image loading time and energy consumption. Also, it's not like the selected image looks that much better in the "high" 650x433 resolution version (200 pixels wider and 133 pixels taller. That is just a 30% wider and a 30% taller). This numbers will only rise as the articles get populated with more and more high resolution images. Potentially, the difference between a low-res version of the page and the high-res could land in the megabyte realm, something undesiderable for th
Accepted by admin
IVs are fast because we cut out all the junk, leave the juicy bits, and serve them via our optimized channels from a server as close as possible to the user. There's no need to purposefully select images of a lower quality.
Type of issue
IV page is missing essential content
Jun 1, 2017