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Issue #3

You can get a better resolution of the image. Pretty much better
You can check the source very well.

6.2.1 Image quality
When several image resolutions are available and can be extracted reliably, the IV page should use better quality images
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That is the original image a user gets to see when visiting this site.

Picking src from srcset of one of a <source>s located at the same place is not a reliable way of getting high-res image. How do you decide which one out of 4 has suitable resolution?
You also "can get a better resolution of the image" - considering your logic, your template must use as cover this instead of this

Again, my template uses original image which every user sees on this page. See also
Declined by admin
Accepted by admin
Since the better resolution is available in the source, it must be used. The issue was declined by mistake
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Sorry, but reject then Darkcomet's template too. As I've said, his template uses which resolution is 1200 instead of which resolution is 1600 and which is also available in the source. He doesn't use higher resolution because it's not identifiable enough - he just randomly picks one of the 4 sources which obviously is not safe and may lead to an error.

And again (sorry, it seems like you've just ignored my whole comment) image I use is the image user gets to see every time he open this article. According to previous decisions (e.g., this issue is not valid.
Accepted by admin
Type of issue
IV page is missing essential content
Apr 21, 2019