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Issue #1

No Instant View available
Sardar Atabekov
This is a page to contain media files (video, photos, etc.) that cannot be displayed using a telegram. This page should not be supported.
Accepted by admin
All content in this article is supported by IV
Sardar Atabekov
@Admin, the article has unsupported content: Element <img> is not supported in <a>: <img src = " -finale-new-england-patriots-v0.jpg? v = 0 "alt =" Fin & # xE1; le Super Bowlu "/>

If I remove the code ~ version: "2.0". Then this article is shown. But, as I understand it, I need to make it according to version 2.0 and according to the rules ( if The page has unsupported content. Then the page should not be displayed.
Accepted by admin
This source page can be completely supported in IV 2.0.

Type of issue
IV not generated for target page
Feb 10, 2019