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Template #1 Issue #1
Jun 7, 2017
Customer engaging is not IV objective.
Declined by admin
It's part of the article's text - there is no way to find out if it's normal text or "Customer engaging" as you named it.

The article itself looks suitable for IV
Template #1 Issue #2
Jun 9, 2017
Author URL missed.
Declined by admin
Author links are optional.
Template #1 Issue #3
Jun 9, 2017
Images broken.
Accepted by admin
The images shown here use ".tmp" as ending. This is probably for decreasing loading times - though it's easy to get the real image's source link (by removing the tmp at the end).
Template #4 Issue #1
Jun 12, 2017
Image captions not formatted. Template handles them well.
Sam Chen
Better? I could find a lot issues in your template if you call it figcaption.
Declined by admin
It is not critical.