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Issue #10

Missing captions
Please apologize for your wrong judge under all these comments:


You just insulted all of us while we are playing it fair.

The IV managed to get protected email in this form <a href="0"></a> for us, you can inspect it in left panel if you want, it's not us MANAGED to get the email address,

Then we can format it into "mailto" link like this:

@set_attr(href, "./text()"): //a[@href="0"][contains(., "@")]
@replace("^", "mailto:"): $@/@href

This is not hardcoded! You should update your knowledge here, and apologize for insulting us!
Accepted by admin
Your message is unrelated to the actual issue.

1) Our job is not to insult people or people's work - we are here to decide about issues. There was no insulting intended!
2) We wrote that template creators supporting these mails are *most probably* hardcoding it. Even if you did not hardcode it, you are using the text as mailto link which might not be what's on the original page. That might work for most of the pages, but maybe not for all. So we consider it optional for as long as there is no actual issue with your way of converting these links.
3) Not every admin has access to the template code, which is actually desired.

You should not take decisions on issues too serious. Really no need to be mad.
I'm mad because that comment was judging people, not judging issues. If you think it's optional, it's ok to reject those issues, but don't judge people like that with words like "Please play fair!" without any further investigation. We all know cases are complex in this contest.

And thanks for your comment here.
Accepted by admin
Type of issue
IV page is missing essential content
Apr 21, 2019