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Issue #4

Link to the next page in the of the article must be preserved.
Displaying all pages as single IV (@inline) would be even better
Accepted by admin
Evgeniy Solovev
Hi admin!

Agreed with "next page link".

For single IV page I have several questions. It would look pretty good if we could process all @inline pages. But:
1) How we should process pages? For instance if we are here (1901p2.php):
- we should process pages in direct order? I mean 1901.php, 1901p2.php, 1901p3.php and etc?
- or we should process main page (1901p2.php) as first page and other pages in direct order?
- there are no rules what is order to process "Multi-page articles"
2) Should we divivde/separate one page (1901p2.php) from another one (1901p3.php)? I mean dividers or spaces?
3) Essential part of navigation is phone specs (check the latest template). Should we process it too because it preserves in original page? Or we should leave it as single link?
4) If it would be single IV should it be links like "next page" and/or "previous page"? I dont think so.
5) How we should process related articles from all @inline processed pages?

Thank for your attention.
Accepted by admin
1) This one: "- we should process pages in direct order? I mean 1901.php, 1901p2.php, 1901p3.php and etc? ". It's not an issue, if your template displays the full article for the second link, for example.
2) Generally there's no need to separate pages
3) It's better to format Specs as a link, since technically that page isn't a part of the article
4) If you generate one IV for all pages, navigation links such "next" and "previous" must be removed. Instead anchors must be created, since there is a table of content on the first page.
5) If there are multiple different related blocks, you should chose one and place it at the end of IV

Note that for correct inlining you should use IV 2.1. It allows to skip canonical redirection.
Also note that merging pages in single IV is advisable, but not obligatory.
Type of issue
IV page is missing essential content
Apr 2, 2019