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Issue #1

Some text (image captions) missing in IV.
As per the checklist : "Any captions present in the source article must be preserved".
Andrew A.
One-off source issue. Please note that the code of this article isn't its own, it was copypasted from some other site. This site doesn't use <figure> tags and the "image-and-copyright-container" class for image captions. It is completely foreign to it. It's just rudimentary, rubbish HTML code.

You can verify it if you visit the site and find no styles for this class in the CSS. No reason to use tags/classes if there is no formatting or other application that goes with them.

The reason of this problem is that the site from where this code was copypasted used the <figure> tag without <figcaption>. IV's behaviour is to ignore all text in <figure> outside of <figcaption> (I would love that to be fixed BTW).

I can't be hold accountable for every piece of rudimentary code that some author copies to one of their articles.
Declined by admin
Indeed it's a markup of the BBC article:

Since the article from 2017 and the most recent articles have markup supported by the template, it's not critical.
Type of issue
IV page is missing essential content
Apr 11, 2019