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Issue #3

It is wrong to rely on the number of paragraphs to exclude text from the subtitle and it is wrong not to give it the right evidence.

Despite my previous reports ( and issue 1) the template still excludes the subtitles based on the number of paragraphs and not the length.
If the subtitle has a paragraph it is shown (see last link), otherwise even if as short as in these cases, it is incorrectly excluded
It is not an isolated case
Here is another example of exclusion.
My template instead checks the length of the subtitles, the following paragraphs, and evaluates the individual situations..
Furthermore the subtitle is inserted in the body like a normal paragraph without some evidence.
Below is an example of a long title used as a subtitle:
Deleted Account
This is how I handle it:
If text in element has 2 or more paragraphs - it's not a subtitle;
If text is long enough - it's not a subtitle.

One of paragraphs in <div class="detail-heading"> (because parser took out <p> from <h2 class="subtitle">) here is empty, but it still there.

Check this page for example, subtitle placed in the body because it's long enough:
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Apr 10, 2019