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Issue #6

In link preview "Kurir" as site_name not presented in source code.
<meta property="og:site_name" content=""/>

If make this (see above meta tag) as their official site_name, you can't change that on you own way. Or you know better than what is properly for them.
Alex Orlov
<span itemprop="publisher" itemtype="" itemscope="" hidden="">
<div itemprop="logo" itemscope="" itemtype="">
<img itemprop="url" src="//"><!-- and Google probably requires some more properties here, e.g. "height" and "width" --></div>
<span itemprop="name">Kurir</span>
Declined by admin
Duplicate Issue, and:

Until someone can demonstrate that it is possible to reliably extract a more sensible author reliably here, this issue will not be accepted.

In this case, we see "Autor: Foto: Facebook" in the article text but I think here the value for "Autor" is blank. It does not mean that the article is written by "Foto: Facebook"...

By the way, in such cases where the Author attribute makes no sense at all, it is okay (and perhaps better) to omit the value entirely
Type of issue
Author added their own content
Feb 15, 2019 at 6:17 PM