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Issue #3

Sorry for duplicate, needed to reply

It's possible to detect this reliably as figcaption without any problems. Look at the source of this page: The <img> is in a <div> with class TexticonCenter. That <div> also contains a <span> with class TexticonFont. It is easy to reliably format this as a figcaption, you just have to make the <div> with class TexticonCenter that contains an <img> as a <figure>, and the <span> inside that as a <figcaption> (while checking the right classes). There is no way to make any mistake that way (look at the red borders I marked too - the text and image is inside a common element).

The rules say that you have to set a caption when it is possible to identify, and it is possible to identify it without problems here.
Grigory Korepanov
On this site, it is not safe enough without explicit markup to place the text in a figure. Therefore, I chose the best option. I place the text with explicit markup in the figcaption, as on this page:

If you look above, you will see that there is a header with the same class.
TexticonFont - "Screenshot soll End-Of-Life der aktuellen AirPods bestätigen"

It won't be difficult for me to do it the way you want, but I can subject errors to other articles by doing so. Since it is only a human being who is responsible for such markup as in this article (and not a scheme developed by developers in advance using the TexticonThumbPictureText tool), the chance to make a mistake increases
Type of issue
IV page is missing essential content
Mar 10, 2019