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Issue #1

It's wrong using related here, once those links have no IV generated, you have `ΔΙΑΒΑΣΤΕ ΑΚΟΜΗ:` alone losing its context.
Rodrigo Vieira
It's not critical because this related is loaded in source:
Yours template have a critical issue because not marked this as <related>
Accepted by admin
What Sam says is true, that if <related> cannot generate IV for related link, then the <related> block may not even show.

The IV would end up corrupted with text referring to something that is not there.

If the links are handled as <related>, the headers must be moved accordingly as well.
Rodrigo Vieira
The IV simply can not convert this to a link or leave the HTML in the original aspect if it fails to generate a valid related?
This ISSUE should not be critical!
This is a problem to be handled by the Telegram and not by the template.
Accepted by admin
The <related> blocks specifically include support for h1 to h6.

If <related> is used, the text referring to related links cannot just be simply left in the IV without moving them over. What is displayed inside <related> cannot be guaranteed by nature of how <related> works.

Otherwise that generates a corrupted IV, as explained before, which is not acceptable.

You can consider the issue similar to setting an image as a cover but not moving the image's caption to become the cover caption as well.

The caption getting left inside IV and not preserved as cover caption would also be a critical issue.
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Mar 14, 2019